Turbo Stroker Vibrating Masturbator

Turbo Stroker Vibrating Masturbator

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  • Turbo-charged masturbator for incredible suction action to make you come over and over again!
  • The stunning Turbo Stroker masturbator grips your shaft and the wired switch lets you change the speed of the masturbator as it strokes your erection and delivers a suction effect like a blowjob.
  • The vibes are transferred through the device and delivered to you thanks to the vibrating egg within the tip of this masturbator.
  • Turbo Stroker Vibrating Masturbator has multi-speed vibration and a rocket-tip vibrating egg

The Turbo Stroker Vibrating Massager bumps up and down at increasing speeds whilst massaging your penis shaft with nubs. The vibrating massager is 6.5 inches also recreates a suction blowjob sensation which simulates lips touching your penis. Say bye to rough hands masturbating your most cherished possession.Turbo Stroker Vibrating Masturbator

Lube up and get ready to reach enticing new levels with the Turbo Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator. It pulsates with several different speeds and also simulates sucking sensations, offering you a variety of options for pleasure.

Intensify Your Erotic Masturbating Sensations

Firmly hold the masturbator with your hand and work it by hand, varying the pressure, or turn it into a vibrating massager by turning on the attached remote. The fantastic Turbo Stroker sleeve is six and a half inches in length and has a sexy girl holding on to the side of the device. It provides an almost lifelike hand job or deep satisfying deep throat blowjob that will have you reaching that powerful ejaculation.

The inner canal is textured and tight. With an inner diameter of just 1.75 inches, the Turbo Stroker fits perfectly comfortable and the 5.5-inch tube provides even larger users with the ability to easily stroke their way to happiness. Compatible with any great quality water based lubricant