Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator

Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator

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  • The OVO T1 Lay On Clitoral Stimulator was premeditated precisely with her in mind.
  • Ovo T1 successfully unites stylishness and sophistication with functionality and affordability.
  • Enjoy 5 powerful, yet whisper quiet, settings that are very strong and there’s finger hollows on each side for a steadier grip as well as easy to reach control buttons.

The German brand OVO is well known for their high-quality. They have so much confidence in their products which is why this clitoral stimulator comes with a 15 year manufacturer warranty. So please do remember to hold on to that receipt.

All about “the art of pleasure”

Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator

Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator has a hard-outer casing. The benefit of this harder shell is that it will transfer maximum vibration on to the user’s skin, as none of it is absorbed by the sex toy itself like what may happen with some soft toys. Ovo T1 produces quiet yet powerful vibrations

Its flexible curves are sensuously based on the female body. Likewise, the ergonomically in concurrence finger grips, guarantee heightened and precise steering.

An ergonomic dream

If you are in the market for powerful stylish personal massagers with a minimalist design then we are sure you will find just what you are looking for in our OVO vibrators category. Whisper quiet rumbling vibrations, seriously smooth and firm silicone and quality that produces climax after climax.

Visually pleasing to look at and easy to use, the clitoral vibrator is there to tease your pearl until you reach those satisfying big O moments. Take some time and get lost in some pure delight as you use the Ovo T1 clitoral stimulator.

Ovo T1 White and Pink Clitoral Stimulator is showerproof only, so should not be submerged in water.