Gun Oil Silicone 8oz/237ml Lubricant

Gun Oil Silicone 237ml Lubricant

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  • When it comes to sexy fun, lube is known as the great equalizer.
  • This is the creation that made Gun Oil a popular household name.
  • The idea for this high-tech formulation was devised by marines, during operation Desert Storm in Kuwait

This lubricant is a necessity for more heated scenes. It does not dissolve in water making it perfect for shower and underwater sex. This lube does not contain glycerin or paraben, so it will not leave behind sticky globs on your skin once you're done having fun.

The perfect lube can take it all to the next level

Gun Oil Silicone 8oz237ml Lubricant

With added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera it actually moisturizes your delicate parts, Gun Oil won’t break down or dry out and it is hypoallergenic.

Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant is one of the fast selling lubes on the gay sex toy market these days

This premium condom-safe lube is designed to keep your most important body parts well oiled!

If the military distributed lube this is what they would issue with the condoms and guns.

It does not stain fabrics and offers a longer lasting slipperier journey and lessened skin irritation.

Gun Oil funny enough has no oil, so it's ideally safe for use with condoms. Gun Oil is very rich, so a few drops goes a long way. It contains vitamin E and aloe vera, which makes it a good and unique lube for anal sex.

Please note it is not recommended to use silicone lubes with full silicone or cyberskin toys. They are however, very compatible with all safer sex items and most toys

Silicone lube can be used on ABS plastic sex toys, stainless steel, stone, glass, wood and ceramic.

The clear scent-free and unflavored formula won't irritate skin, making it the ideal choice for both you and your partner. It also doesn't smell or leave you sticky once you wipe it off