Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Masturbator

Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Masturbator

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  • The entrance is very tight, you need a bit of lube and an already fairly hard penis, so that you will not struggle to insert yourself.
  • Covered in knobbles and bumps the Fleshlight will arouse the full length of your penis.
  • The Crystal sleeve is textured from end to end and differs from compartment to compartment.

The Fleshlight Ice Crystal is a high-quality masturbation sleeve, designed to provide a more realistic experience. The shape of the transparent case near the cap also amplifies your member, maybe even boosting your confidence. Fleshlight have long been the leaders of outstandingly realistic pleasure, but the Ice Lady is a new realm of sex toy.

Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Masturbator

Designed with Fleshlight's patented SuperSkin material this stroker will give you lifelike feelings you simply won't be able to resist.  The Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal contains of a see-through casing and a see-through sleeve so you can enjoy the view and see yourself in thrusting action.

The supple, stretchy crystal sleeve is textured with bumps, nodules and spirals throughout, and is the perfect way to send yourself into a mind-blowing orgasm. At the start of the sleeve is a tight segment with ridged walls.

A few centimeters further on and the ridges become more defined as the canal broadens. As you move past this ridged sector, you enter a curvy chamber. The walls inside this chamber hold lots of elevated, rounded bumps.

The canal tighten up as you leave this chamber and the ridges return. If you are well gifted, you will get to the second chamber, which has a square shaped texture. From this point on, the canal gradually narrows and is lined with ridges.

Rear cap can be untied or tightened to modify suction during use. With the cap loose, your penis will slip in and out easily. If you insert your penis and then tighten the cap, it will create a vacuum and some pleasurable friction.

Ice Lady features the exclusive Crystal inner texture, designed to stimulate with distinctive sensations all throughout your manhood.

Luckily it’s pretty straight forward to clean, just pull out the SuperSkin inner sleeve and give it a good run under the tap with a little anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Dust it with a bit of renewing powder before storage. Go easy on the powder, the Fleshlight comes covered with it, requiring a quick clean before first use to avoid leaving your penis covered in white powder.