Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump

Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump

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R 999.00

  • The Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump gives you fast engorged look with minimal effort.
  • It works on a simple trigger system, which connects to a firm plastic cylinder via a bendable tube.
  • The strong, tube is transparent so that you and your partner can get a front row view of the expanding action.
  • As soon you are satisfactorily engorged, you can use the quick release valve. Put on a cock ring (sold separately) to stay harder for longer and ready for the sexual mischiefs that await you.

Do you want to extend your penis by inches? Rise to the occasion every time with this easy-to-use, effective penis pump. The Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump is gentle and user friendly, and gives you that remarkable erection you've always desired!

Why just be a man when you could be a Deluxe Man?

Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump

The penis pump works with a single-handed trigger for user friendly action. The pump helps increase size with regular use.

the size of your penis certainly can have an impact on your self-esteem and consequently your self-confidence. Help your penis live up to its full potential with the Deluxe Trigger Penis Pump, a penis enhancement tool designed to make your cock bigger, fuller and harder. A strong suction enhances the sensual experience while bringing guaranteed results! Made from premium materials, the big girth tube will allow for rapid expansion.

With measurement markings in centimeter and inches on either side, the cylinder allows you to monitor your growth as you pump. The pump comes with a is a silicone erection enhancer which easily glides over the penis and helps you to keep an erection as you pump your way to satisfaction. Reaching legendary sizes has never come easier. Boost and release the hidden magic of your penis with this ultra-light trigger pump.

When you're done, bring back the pump to like-new clean state with a good toy cleaner and warm water.