Clean Stream Shower Enema Set

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set

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  • Connect the kit permanently or temporarily to your shower for easy enemas any time.
  • You'll enjoy comfortable, efficient douching, and you can even use the nozzle as a shower-mounted bidet.
  • It comes with a stainless steel wand and a stainless steel spike for your comfort.
  • Restore your body's pristine condition and get ready for whatever anal fun may come your way.

Feeling a little less than confident in the cleanliness of those hard to reach places, get the Clean Stream Shower Enema System. Whether you are going to bum play or not, it gives you a nice feeling of being clean and fresh inside.

The Shower Enema System is designed for simple installation

Clean Stream Shower Enema Set

Simply connect the enema system to your shower valve, flip the switch and you’re good to go. Shower enemas are great for home use and for extreme cleanliness. The hose is easily removed for storage or travel

It only takes about 5 mins to set up and wow how easy it is to clean before playtime. This shower enema kit includes a single-hole nozzle and a 2m metal hose, which gives you plenty of freedom to move around the bathroom.

If this is your first time it's definitely an unusual feeling, but great after a while. In a crouched position its rounded head actually slides fairly easily in and deeply without pain. Give yourself a safe, comfortable enema without having to use bulbs and cleaning solutions. 

It’s designed to work with most shower system, so you won’t need to drill into pipes or knock down any walls. To regulate the amount of water flowing through the bidet hose, simply turn the tap on the valve and the flow of water is reduced. The Shower Enema System is designed for simple installation - no modifications needed to the existing shower faucets,on one end of the hose screws into your shower, the other end is where you attach your choice of nozzle.

Start off slow, letting in a bit at a time until you are comfortable to take more. Use safely, be happy and enjoy sex. It's a very high quality product and doesn't look out of place in my walk-in shower, and more importantly, doesn't look like a dildo!

Enjoy a professional cleansing session in the privacy of your own bathroom with the CleanStream Shower Enema Set.