Autoblow 2plus Extra Tight Edition
Autoblow 2plus Extra Tight Edition

Autoblow 2 Plus Extra Tight Masturbator and Sleeve

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R 3,700.00
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R 3,000.00

  • Autoblow 2 doesn't need batteries. It is mains powered so you'll never need to hunt for batteries.
  • It is perfectly safe, but keep it away from water.
  • The sleeves are easy to clean using soapy water, or a toy cleaner, re-useable, and come in several sizes to fit a wide variety of sizes.
  • Built in controls allow you to play with speed and intensity to find the perfect combination for you!
  • A perfect fit for every man every time.
    Size A 7,5-10 cm girth, all lengths
    Size B 10-14 cm girth, all lengths
    Size C 14-16 cm girth, all lengths

With the new and improved Autoblow 2+ Masturbator and Sleeve, you'll soon enjoy the sex toy for men that raises the bar in realistic solo experiences. While not silent, it is not noisy to distract you from the pleasure at hand. Enjoy crowdfunded blowjob robot everyone is talking about. Your blowjob robot will work hard for you.

Countless BJs on Demand

After use, the artificial skin sleeve removes easily while its close-ended design makes clean-up a breeze. You'll need a water-based lubricant, plus you might want to use a toy cleaner to make sure your sleeve is squeaky clean after washing it.Autoblow 2plus Extra Tight Edition

In short, it’s an electrical gadget that makes your penis feel really good in a realistic way. Skillfully designed to refashion the exact sensations of a mouth enclosed around you, you'll be in for a treat every time you slide in!

Autoblow 2+ Masturbator and Sleeve is the first proper masturbation machine - the motor is designed to last for more than 500 hours of use. Made from an over-the-top realistic simulated skin material, the Autoblow feels amazing, and requires minimal effort.

Indulge in a blow job any time you want? Well, thanks to this suction sensation, you can experience the best fellatio of your life over and over again. Give your arm a rest, with no effort required in thrusting or stroking, just lie back and let the pioneering deep throat sex toy do all the work.

You control the speed and intensity of the motorized up/down stroking motion. As you slide your way in, you'll be stunned by the feel of the life-like skin material. Perfect for couples, too!