Men's Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager
Men's Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager

Men's Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager

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  • This anal toy comes with many vibration speeds so you can distinguish your pleasure.
  • Mens Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager has a circumference of 2.83 inches with an insertable length of 4.40 inches and is body safe
  • The hooked tip is for prostate stimulation and has four different speeds for vibration. A remote allows you to cycle through the speed settings
  • The Pleasure Wand comes an easy removal pull ring that's easy to grip and control, with a perfectly positioned scrotum massager

The Pleasure Wand is built to arouse multiple pleasure zones at the same time, this state-of-the-art anal sex toy strokes your scrotum and perineum while giving your prostate much-needed attention. Made with an ultra-smooth body safe material and is also water-resistant for play during your bath. Flexible PVC material permits for a firm yet flexible massager.

Mens Pleasure Wand Prostate Massager

It’s a win-win situation with the Men’s Pleasure Wand from Doc Johnson. The Doc Johnson Men's Pleasure Wand does not only deliver extraordinary delights due to its shapely figure, but it also has other arousing uses.

If you want to take it a notch up with the self-pleasure, switch on the vibrations, the last of which is quite strong and let the tide of pleasure take over! To top it off, since every Tom, Dick, and Harry likes their balls to vibrate, the wand is shaped with a tip that will nestle between your balls and bring excitement to your two best friends. 

There appears to be shame around anal play when it comes to men. Many believing it is a deed entirely for gay men to relish. It is not important what your sexual preference is because if it feels good for them; I hate to point out the obvious guys, but we’re all built the same. Use this Prostate massager with a good quality water based lube for enhanced stimulation!

Masculine anal play is harmless when done properly and quite common in both gay and straight men. So if you've already experienced the joys of prostate stimulation, or if you're just interested, this Men's pleasure wand makes a great way to stimulate your prostate and scrotum (both erogenous zones) simultaneously.