Vibrating Vagina Sucker

Vibrating Vagina Sucker

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  • Are you having trouble reaching an orgasm, a pussy pump will stimulate you and leave you ultra-sensitive making it easy to get to the big O
  • Make sure that the quick release valve is closed and only allowing air out, not in. it is located underneath the pump bulb
  • Vibrating Vagina Sucker is perfect for intimate female pleasures, make your pussy swell with excitement
  • To create a pleasure vacuum, just squeeze the ball and your vulva will swell in seconds. Add a little lube around the rim for most effective suction
  • Switch on the built-in vibrating bullet, throw some vibrations into the mix for even more heightened sensations

This pump is anatomically designed to fit over the labia, vagina, and clitoris to maximize sensitivity. This Vibrating Vagina Sucker is simple to use. Place the soft luxurious cup over your vagina, create the vacuum by pressing the pump your vulva will swell with excitement in seconds and enjoy some highly orgasmic vibrations.

Vibrating Vagina Sucker

Pumping also creates a short-term enlargement of the region, to make all those tantalizing lady-bits more visible, accessible and very sensitive. Swelling the vulva and clitoris works to intensify sensation by drawing blood into the area, making the woman more sensitive to stimulation.

Pump yourself to new heights of pleasure with this Vibrating Vaginal Sucker. Whether you use a pussy pump alone or with a partner, the unique feelings and gorgeously puffy look are sure to be a fantastic turn on!

This vagina sucker and clit pump is the ultimate sex toy for any girl. This pump is great to use before a hard pounding, or even solo with toys. When using a vaginal pump blood flow is increased to the area, this makes the area swell making it bigger and more sensitive.

For this sole reason, a pussy pump can be a good choice for women that are having trouble being aoused, as this will almost instantly make your body more sensitive and receptive to touch.

To know that you are all pumped up and ready to go, your skin will be pressed against the chamber and you cannot pump any further.

The Vibrating Vagina Sucker has an attached vibrator that gives extra stimulation to the vaginal area which enables a longer and stronger orgasm. For more intense pleasures and a smoother ride, we recommend using a lubricant.